Engineer Layla Xyrenna

The Lead Engineer

Engineer Layla Xyrenna


Methodical and detail-oriented, Layla is the problem-solver of the team. She’s calm under pressure and thrives on challenges, approaching each task with analytical precision.


As the lead engineer at AstroAI Labs, Layla has been instrumental in developing some of the most advanced quantum devices. Her expertise in quantum error correction and hardware design made her an essential member of the Quantum Voyagers.

Role in the Story

Layla’s role is to translate the abstract theories of quantum physics into tangible, working technology. She maintains the spaceship’s quantum systems and delves into practical quantum computing applications.


She works closely with Dr. Orion to bring his theories to life. Often collaborates with Dr. Zephyr on computational projects. Respects Captain Velarian’s leadership and guidance.

Connection to Quantum Concepts

She embodies the real-world implementation of quantum principles, bridging the gap between theory and practice. She represents the hands-on approach to quantum computing.


As the lead engineer at AstroAI Labs, Layla’s work pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with quantum technology. Her innovations are central to the Quantum Voyagers’ mission and the success of AstroAI Labs.